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June 27 2017

Weirdly, the data on the OECD website differs by a few percent, but the general tendency seems to check out

June 26 2017

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June 25 2017

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June 21 2017

The difference between the two cases originates in the power imbalance between genders in the surrounding society.

(The wording is an obvious strawman, so I'll ignore that.)
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June 20 2017

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Greg Hill: Why I Am Not An Anarchist for Robert Shea's No Governor, June 1975, Page 00001. 
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June 19 2017

The German NSU (as in nazi-underground) alone killed 9 people in that time.[1] I'd also like to see sources for any explicitly anarchist activity that killed many people (as opposed to targeted assassinations or the likes)

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Socialist_Underground_murders
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June 18 2017

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it’s like a time capsule from hell 

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June 17 2017

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Peak capitalism is not immediately knowing if this is satire

June 16 2017

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That’s actually not even a bad idea

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June 15 2017

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Be more self-conscious about your eating habits, because you can work out as hard as you can you won’t see results if you eat bad types of food.

No, amino acids do not magically turn into muscles. That is not how you get strong or ripped. And no, vegetables do not create some sort of “wellness” cell in your body. That doesn’t even make sense. Nor does sugar necessarily become fat! The whole point of having glucose in your system is to use it for energy.

Let’s break this chart down:

Amino Acids - These molecules are what protein is made of. They control nearly all cellular processes and are a necessary part of keeping our metabolisms working in a healthy manner. Protein gives our bodies the energy for growth and maintenance. We rely on these amino acids to make blood cells, cell membranes, and tissue. Yes, building and retaining muscle is one aspect of this, yet the benefits of amino acids are conditional. If our bodies store too much protein, that we do not have an immediate use for, then it is converted into fat. Our body can make these conversions into muscle, fat, and energy all at the same time.

Sugar - Sugar can be found in a huge range of foods, including fruits and vegetables. It is a necessary part of nearly each food group listed here. This is a great thing, because glucose is our main source of energy. Without it, you would never have that sudden burst of energy that allows you to get out of bed, starting working out, or climb a staircase. Glucose, through aerobic respiration, literally keeps our bodies going. Yet just like with the amino acids and protein, it is only when we eat too much of it that the glucose will be converted into fat for later use.

“Energy” and Fiber - If someone could explain to me what the “wellness” cell looks like within our bodies, I’d be very obliged. But without being able to identify it, we’ll just have to look at the actual components of fruits and vegetables: individual nutrients (just like the other food groups here), fiber, glucose, and carbohydrates. Long story short, the carbs and sugars here will provide you with enough energy to make it through the day while the fiber helps you maintain regular bowel movements. And as always - If you eat too much of this stuff, the excess will be converted into fat. Our bodies love to store the fat and eating fruits doesn’t exempt you from that.

“Vital” molecules - These include amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids. These are simply meant to signify the wide array of molecules we require in order to maintain a healthy and working metabolic system. You do not get these molecules/nutrients simply by eating fish, grains or beans - They require a fully balanced diet that pulls food from each of these groups listed above. Simply eating from that one section would not be enough, nor would it necessarily boost your HDL (“good” cholesterol). Based on your overall health, body type, family history and diet, the way which you’ll maintain your cholesterol levels is personal. Trying to raise your HDL without consulting a doctor first can be dangerous. Just because it’s called “good” cholesterol does not mean that it is always safe, or that simply eating certain food will help you maintain safe levels of it.

Fatty Acids - These are present in two main forms: saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fats are largely unnecessary and really have no medical benefits. This is what we’re thinking of when we see French fries dripping with oil. But unsaturated fat? Our bodies need this, both poly- and mono- versions. This is what’s found in fish, nuts and vegetable oil. Unsaturated fat is a powerful energy source that provides your body with linoleic and linolenic acid. They even lower your cholesterol level and can even help to prevent heart disease Yes, they are still “fat” and any excess will therefore be converted into “fat.” But your body has quite a few uses for the nutrients before they are stored.

Moral of the story here? Don’t demonize or sanctify food. There is no such thing as “bad types of food.” If you don’t actually know what your body uses it for, then research it before you condemn or praise your groceries.

And seriously people - Stop saying “fat” as though it’s something evil. Your body requires it.

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Snusmumriken - practician of the occult.

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